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Individual yoga can adress your specific mental and physical needs. I specialize in helping to relax and unwind, with the following practices:

Thank you so much for your interest in working with me, I am honored to be helping supporting your health path!

I learned Yoga to help my own body issues.

I worked a desk-bound career for 18 years now, and carry a lot of the postural issues that come with that kind of work. In 2015 I got removed a 18 cm cyst endometrioma on my left ovary, and that lead to recovery pain and scar tissue forming.  in 2016 I develped TMJ due to an intense teeth surgery. In 2017 I had severe lower back pain, coming back home from a flight across the globe.

In my search for getting back my health, everything I read to help with these issues and Endometriosis had one element in common : Yoga

In 2017 I got certified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher and Restorative yoga teacher, and in 2018 I got a Roll Model (Yoga Tune-up balls) certification. I kept educating myself through other masterclasses and trainings, along other readings.

My style of yoga is calming and relaxing. I hope I can help you find your inner balance by working together on your challenges.

If you have further questions, just email me at

The session was very useful. Just in one class with Morena, I could gather very useful information. She is very professional and the way she explains, reflects her knowledge on yoga, postures and body anatomy. I am looking forward for more in the future
Prashanth B
3D Animator, Toronto, Canada