Hi, I'm Morena!

As your Coach, I will STRETCH you to achieve goals you never dreamed were possible!

Proud Leader, Tough Immigrant, Endo Warrior, Health Advocate, helping changing lives from Toronto, Canada

Hi! I’m Morena.

How can I introduce myself? I am many things….

I am Italian who immigrated in Canada over 15 years ago, I  have a background as a 3D graphic artist for animation for nearly 20 years and team leader in a very successful show (Paw Patrol).

I also am a Endometriosis warrior, which I manage through healthy life style and holistic therapies, and I advocate for work & life balance, due to my many aches along the years (a desk job has its down sides!).

Through dealing with my health challenges, between 2017 and 2018 I got certified Hatha Yoga teacher, Restorative Yoga teacher and Yoga Tune-up Balls teacher. 

Due to my inherent ability to troubleshoot issues, my strong creativity input that allows me to connect the dots behind people’s apparent issues, and my strong desire to help people improve their lifes in an efficient way that works for them, I finally got certified as a Health and Life Coach in 2020.

Because of my creative mind, I can help my clients troubleshooting their issues with a fresh look!

Through my experience as a leader I can help you to feel self confident and work through your goals, with the encouragement you need, and a system that WORKS.

Through my experience with Endometriosis I know all and more about healthy life style and diet, and the challenges that come with that, including the emotional rollercoaster that come with any drastic life-style change in dealing with a chronic Illness.

Through my experience as an immigrant I know a lot about dealing with putting ourselves out there, adapting to something NEW and beating the fears that are holding you from living your BEST life!

Through my Italian roots I know things like how real food, quality and taste matter, the importance of community to support our mental health, or spending more time around the dining table than on the keyboard!

Through my health challenges and yoga, I know how to support you with gentle movement, meditation and relaxing practices in a way that keep account of your body, mind and life-style! 

Through Health and Life coaching I can put all of these elements together and help you to get the life YOU WANT, with the System, Accountability and Support you need!