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My signature are like nothing else on the market, designed to reframe your thoughts around health, money, self-care and career.


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    Common Qs And As:

    Q. Are you available to speak at my event?

    Sure, let’s talk about that! Check the TALKS page to choose a topic, or bring up your own idea!

    Q. Will you promote my products?

    While generally I will talk of products I truly find helpful, that may not be the case for all of them. Feel free to contact me for more info.

    Q. Are you currently taking new clients?

    Sure, but I currently have a cap of 2 ongoing clients per month. To reserve your spot, the best thing is to book a discovery session with me and Subscribe to the newsletter!

    Q. What other programs do you offer?

    My Total Energy Transformation is a comprehensive Health-Life balance program, designed to reduce stress, and eat food that give you energy. I also have a Total Transformation Program that revolve more around every area of life: Health, Career, Relationships, Money and  That which is Greater. 

    I also offer hearth health and Diabetes health programs for graduates of the 90 days programs.

    For more programs and info please check the PROGRAMS section.

    Q. I don't want to eat organic food, can you still help me?

    Sure! Health is not a cookie cutter situation, I will keep in consideration all of your personal needs and help you to fit the changes you want to achieve by keeping consideration of your life-style, work, family situation etc.

    Q. Do you focus on weight loss?

    While weight-loss can be a by-product of reduced inflamation or new healthy life style, that’s not  my focus. My goal is to help you managing stress, having a fulfilling work-life balance and moving towards a healthier life-style without militant exercise or depriving diets, because what’s the fun in that?!